High Hopes By Reina Robinson

High Hopes

I hope these words bring you happiness, success & lots of love

No more crying, grieving and living in fear of
living a premature life lacking foundation

Stressing off if you have something to eat, where you’re gonna sleep & lookin out for them niggas you got into it with last week

What you fail to realize is you are just beginning to discover what it is YOU have to offer the world

What you don't realize is that you have the strength to rewrite your script & act out a new performance

What you need to realize is life is a spectacle & when your skin is brown you are the star of The Truman Show

So show up & show out

I hope these words bring you love, happiness and success

Opening you up to joy, laughter, victory & the knowledge that we are all a work in progress

See you are no different from me & neither is he from she

One thing I can tell you for certain is in life God offers no guarantees

So always take that moment giving thought to every action

Never switch up on those around you even when the judge is lacking compassion

I hope these words bring you everything you need

Feeding your thoughts for a worthy future seeing yourself living & thriving unwilling to concede

Have pride, patience & agency while you’re navigating the underground,  jammin at the margins

Practice resilience as you know all too well this country profits from our misfortunes

By: Reina Robinson


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