Grow!: What The Health Documentary

I'm a visual learner. I'm also a meat eater who love's bacon and anything that once lived in the sea. When I decided to finally watch What The Health, what I though would be Netflix and Chillin' with Bae quickly turned to Netflix and making serious life changes. Much like Fast Food Nation 2001 (Wiki and Super Size Me 2004  (watch on YouTube) What The Health explains in easy to understand narrative why the food we love to eat is so damn bad for us. 

Exposed to so much new information, it would've been foolish of me not to try to put my new knowledge into action. Taking baby steps to transition into vegan diet, I've been vegetarian for 5 days. I was immediately put to the test co-hosting a BBQ at the house this Labor Day weekend. Reflecting on my carnivorous ways, this will be an unusual migration into a new way of living.

Rest In Peace to my favorite foods:

Raw oysters
Pork bacon
Bluefin tuna  

What are your favorite vegan recipes? Type them in the comment section & share this post with anyone you think could benefit.

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